• Bridging the Pension Gap

    Bridging the Pension Gap

About BCG Penbridge

BCG Penbridge’s singular focus is to bring defined benefit plan sponsors and advisors actionable analysis for ongoing plan management, de-risking and pension risk transfer.

BCG Penbridge services include defined benefit plan expense/service benchmarking, vendor price discovery and searches, pension risk transfer analysis, buyout price monitoring and comprehensive PRT placement and administrative support¹.

BCG Penbridge conducts the only industrywide survey to capture all the costs associated with maintaining a U.S. corporate defined benefit plan. The survey process helps sponsors to identify the full range of plan expenses and to improve plan governance and efficiency.

BCG Penbridge maintains the only industry database focused on the US defined benefit pension risk transfer market. The Penbridge PRT Database is designed to help sponsors become informed about the PRT market and to consider possible risk transfer solutions. The database is free of charge to registered plan sponsors as well as participating insurance companies.

¹ Services shown in italics are performed by BCG Pension Risk Consultants.