• Comprehensive Pension Risk Transfer Services

    Comprehensive Pension Risk Transfer Services

PRT Database

The BCG Penbridge PRT Database is designed to help defined benefit plan sponsors and their advisors to become informed about the PRT market and to consider possible risk transfer solutions. The database is free of charge to registered users as well as participating insurance companies.

The PRT Database includes information on:

Insurance Providers

  • Company information and business profile
  • Description of PRT team and experience
  • Business size and growth
  • Credit ratings and outlook
  • Statutory statement information
  • Contact information

Insurance Products

  • Product Types – available contract structures, descriptions
  • Contract Parameters – premium limits, preferred risk profiles
  • Administrative Capabilities – depth and breadth of experience
  • Pricing – current and historical rates by size, duration and product
  • Supporting Documents – product brochures, white papers and other materials

The BCG Penbridge PRT Index

  • Tracks historical and current annuity buyout pricing levels for a “typical” plan
  • Identifies favorable times to transact
  • Provides easy comparison of annuity buyout pricing to various important measures
  • To learn more about the PRT Index, click here
  • Register for PRT Index Mobile here

Thought Leadership

  • BCG Penbridge white papers and surveys on topics relevant to the pension de-risking industry
  • BCG Penbridge’s Spotlight Q&A Series which highlights fresh perspectives from industry leaders
  • BCG Penbridge thought leadership is also available on this website by clicking here

Coming Soon…

To enhance the database, we are currently taking steps to:

  • Create a new PRT sales page on the database that provides a consolidated view of annuity buyout sales data on the database.
  • Review Important Information

    The BCG Penbridge PRT Database is free-of-charge to registered users. It is the policy of BCG Penbridge that the identity of plan sponsors remains confidential. For advisory firms and other user types, Penbridge lists the name of each firm that registers to use the database and publishes this information on the database and this website.

    All of the firm and product information in the PRT database is directly inputted by each participating insurance company. There is no charge for insurance companies to participate on the PRT database.

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The PRT database is a valuable and easy-to-use resource for defined benefit plan sponsors interested in learning more about pension risk transfer.

Steve Keating, Managing Director, BCG Penbridge